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come be a part of our GROWING FAMILY *\O/*

As we enter season #8, our mission at NLAS continues to be the same...
to maintain a safe environment where our athletes can't wait to get to practice, our parents are excited for every team in the gym and where a coach is not only a coach - but also a mentor & a role model :)

Since 2005 we have been training the MOST ELITE cheerleaders in Cheshire County... and since that time, Northern Lights has quickly become one of the top all-star programs in New England! Our coaching staff has years of experience in the cheerleading industry - WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!!!
And not only is competitive cheer our passion, we also strive to see our athletes grow and succeed off of the mat. Through teaching the fundamentals of this sport, we pride ourselves in knowing that our all-stars will learn important life skills that they will take with them well beyond our cheer gym!
Through our program your son/daughter will gain all the great characteristics that will help to shape them into successful cheerleaders AND successful adults!!!

Naturally, there are costs associated with all-stars... but NLAS works hard to make our program affordable for ALL families! Our teams house multiple siblings, single parents and families facing financial struggles. Because of this, we have designed our costs and team types with our families in mind - our tuition and gym fees are a fraction of what other gyms who compete at our level charge... and we are always working to make our cheerleading program MORE AFFORDABLE and ACCESSIBLE to all members of our community!!! :)
In addition to these efforts, the Northern Lights Parents Association [NLPA] is an option for your family... The NLPA is a parent run, non-profit organization who works hard to put together the best fundraisers to offset costs AND to put more money in your athletes account!

Our goal at NLAS has always been the same... to inspire each of our athletes to believe in themselves, work together as a team and reach for the stars... all while teaching self-confidence, perseverance, dedication, leadership and commitment. We believe that every child deserves the right to SHINE! And along the way, we want our cheerleaders to know that they are a part of something bigger than just a cheerleading team... they are a part of a (((FAMILY)))! Come and see for yourself why Northern Lights All-Stars is MORE than just a cheer gym :)

NEW for the 2013-2014 season!!!
NLAS WILL BE OPEN ALL SUMMER! ---> our athletes have reached an athletic level where they need to be training year round... and we want our cheerleaders to have the same advantage as every other cheer gym in the country - so, for the FIRST TIME EVER we will be open for {weekday} practices in JUNE, JULY + AUGUST!
NLAS WILL OFFER 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF COMPETITIVE TEAMS! ---> in an effort to offer the BEST cheerleading instruction to families with different incomes/needs - NLAS will now be housing LOCAL ((AND)) TRAVEL TEAMS... LOCAL teams much like the squads of season #7 and a new TRAVEL team option that will compete at some bigger 2 day + national events! *the same great coaching, choreography + experience with differences in competition types/pricing
JOINING THE NLPA IS OPTIONAL! ---> this will give MORE OPPORTUNITIES for families who want or need to raise funds AND give families who don't have the time or desire the option not to :) it's a win-win situation!!!
CHEER SHOES ARE {ON YOUR OWN!} ---> want to use your High School cheer shoes? perfect! want to buy a cheaper pair, since your cheerleaders feet size continues to change? great! want to purchase a more expensive, lightweight, top-of-the-line shoe to help with your stunting/tumbling? awesome! - as long as every cheerleader has cheer shoes for practice AND clean, white cheer shoes for competition - you are ALL SET!
COACHES FEES ARE BUNDLED INTO TUITION + COMPETITION FEES! ---> no separate cost/payment this season!

Thank you for considering our program!
If you are looking for the BEST, you found it :)
We have a team for everyone and no experience is necessary to join NLAS!

Please contact me with any questions!!!
And if you share our vision and commitment...
we invite you to be a part of the

Megan Primrose
Northern Lights All-Stars (Co-Owner)



Gym Mailing Address: 17 Troy Hill Road, Swanzey NH 03446

Physical Address: 250 Marlboro Street, Keene NH 03431